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Ranger II® Casing Spacers Sizing and Quotation Program Overview.
All Ranger II® Casing Spacers require more than one segment to complete a full spacer. In addition, all Ranger II® Casing Spacers are available with a number of different runner height options which are used to guarantee clearance of the mechanical joint, provide for options in carrier pipe positioning within the casing or to compensate for grade elevation adjustments.The Ranger II® Casing Spacer Sizing and Quotation Program will take you through a series of steps in determining the optimal casing spacer for your particular project. Based upon your specifications and positioning requirements the program may be used to print out a quotation worksheet.

Steps for generating correct sizing and quotation for Ranger II® Casing Spacers are as follows:
  1. You will be asked to provide your carrier pipe O.D., casing pipe I.D. and pipe bell O.D. (if one exists) and carrier pipe material.
  2. The computer will calculate the best size Ranger II® (Micro, Mini, Midi, Medi or Maxi) and the correct height and number of segments required for one complete spacer assembly.
  3. The computer will calculate the correct runner height based on the following specifications:
    a. The runner height for all segments will be equal in length. (Confusion in the field is eliminated with one runner height for both bottom and top segments.)
    b. Under normal circumstances, the carrier pipe will be positioned within 0.50" of center with a maximum top runner height allowance of 0.50".
    c. If any specification falls outside of the above parameters, you will be notified via a pop-up alert box.
  4. Enter quantity of Spacers or leave blank and complete length of pipe segments and full length of casing. Based upon this information, the program will provide you with the correct number of complete spacers for the job.
  5. A Casing Spacer must be sized in order to obtain casing end seals. Select Model, Material from Pull-Down, full in casing OD and quantity of end seals needed.
At this point you may print out a quotation and/or contact PSI / Pikotek for your local stocking distributor.  Note, please insert numbers in inches (decimal fractions), do not include inch marks.

Casing Spacers

Actual Measured Dimensions:      U.S.              Metric

Nominal Dimensions

Quantity of Spacers:

Carrier Pipe O.D. (inches/mm):

Casing Pipe I.D. (inches/mm):

Bell or Joint O.D. (inches/mm):

Carrier Pipe Material:

Position 1 Within Casing

Position 2 Within Casing

Casing Filled?

Length of Pipe Segments

Full Casing Length (feet/meters):

End Seals

  Model C (Custom Pull-on)
  Model W (Wrap Around)
  Model R (R100-R500)
  Model S (Standard Pull-on)

Casing O.D.for End Seal Models
C, R and W (inches/mm):

Carrier Pipe O.D. x
Casing O.D. for End Seal
Model S (inches):

Quantity of End Seals: